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Kassirer Sports is proud to offer scholarships to qualifying families when space is available. 

  • Scholarships are based on financial need only and are not related to your child's level of play or athletic ability. 

  • Kassirer Sports is also proud to provide military discounts.

  • Kassirer Sports Scholarships will allow you to receive 50% off class fees. 

  • Scholarships are granted for families who:

    • Qualify for state or federal financial aid.​

    • Qualify for financial aid at your child's school.

    • Special Circumstances. If you don't qualify for financial aid but your financial situation has recently changed, we will consider circumstances on a case-by-case basis when possible.


Kassirer Sports generates a new Scholarship Discount Code each calendar year. Families only need to apply for scholarship once per year, and the Discount Code will be valid for all sessions within that calendar year. In order to apply: 

  • Please email with the following information:

    • Your Child's First/Last Name​

    • Request for Scholarship

    • Any documentation you have that demonstrates you qualify for financial aid of any kind.

  • Once reviewed, we will reply back to your email with the valid Scholarship Discount Code. You simply enter this code in your cart at check-out to receive the discounted rate. 

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