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Laura Bernstein-Kassirer is a former professional tennis player, who played all over the world in the 80's.  When her oldest daughter started Kindergarten, Laura noticed a lack of tennis programs for kids and knew she wanted to do something to grow the game.


Laura called her former Wilson Rep. who sponsored her when she played on the circuit, and asked Wilson to donate equipment. Wilson donated 500 tennis balls and 50 tennis rackets so that Laura could teach tennis to kids at school. In 1997, Laura began teaching tennis to kids at her daughter's elementary school, right on the playground after dismissal.


As the tennis classes became increasingly popular, Laura began hiring other skilled coaches to teach tennis at schools in their local communities. Laura looks to hire coaches who are great motivators, patient, and energetic, who can keep a class engaged while teaching professional quality fundamentals.


With such positive feedback coming from the parents, schools began requesting that Laura provide other sports programs in addition to tennis. Kassirer Sports currently provides tennis, soccer, basketball, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, pickleball, badminton, and speed/agility classes at schools all over California.  We are constantly looking to add new schools, but will only run our program if we have a highly skilled coach available to that area in order to maintain quality.  

After working, learning and being very successful for over 6 years in staffing and recruiting, Rachel Kassirer, Laura's eldest daughter, has joined Kassirer Sports. She will be helping to bring in additional quality coaches so we can offer even more opportunities for kids to learn/play sports in their community.


Kassirer Sports also provides scholarships and military discounts to deserving families, as well as 50% discounts to school staff. Kassirer Sports wants to introduce kids to as many sports as possible! Our sports classes will help teach kids sportsmanship, communication, perseverance, dedication, and how to work towards goals. Our goal is for kids to find a sport they will play for a lifetime and gain self esteem through athletic success.


  • Kassirer Sports enrichment classes are brought to you by Youth League Tennis.

  • After School classes are held on school grounds right after school dismissal. Public classes are held at local parks in your community. Virtual classes are taught live via Google Meet. 

  • Classes do not meet on school holidays and are based off of each school district's calendar. 

  • Participants are grouped by grade and age to learn professional quality skills and participate in non-competitive group games. Coaches focus on building teamwork, sportsmanship, physical fitness and self-esteem, as wells as instilling a life-long love of sports / being active.

  • Returning players are continually challenged to learn new skills and advance with each class. 

  • Please visit our Policies page for information regarding out Refund, Make-Up, Rain-Out, and Late Pick-Up Policies. 


​All Kassirer Sports Coaches have been live-scan fingerprinted and cleared through the DOJ.

We thoroughly vet all coaches and they are experts in their respective sports. Coaches teach professional quality fundamentals while keeping players engaged and maintaining a positive environment. 

All of our coaches are available for private lessons if interested. Please coordinate/inquire with the coach directly.

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