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Virtual Basketball Video Classes - Improve your skills at home!

Laura Kassirer

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Unlimited Access - 8 Video Basketball Classes

Kids have the opportunity to improve their skills by taking these classes at home.  Since they are not worrying about winning, or where their ball is going, they have the opportunity to focus on their technique and develop professional quality muscle memory.  Participants  will build strength and fitness and spend a lot of time working on their weak side to become a much more balanced and skilled ball handler. Most professional players grew up practicing  many of these same skills.  We recommend completing the classes in order and taking them from start to finish to build endurance and maximize the benefit. 

True Basketball Story

There is a documentary  airing on TV about Michael Jordan.  When he didn’t make the basketball team as a HS freshman, he went home and his mom encouraged him to practice many of the skills your child will be learning and practicing in our classes so he could try again next year. He worked on his ball handling every day on his own as much as possible.  I am sure you are not surprised to hear that he made the HS team the next year, and as we all know, he became one of the greatest players of all time. He never stopped practicing his skills on his own as he learned the benefit.  

We hope your child learns to practice, practice, practice!

Purchase 1 to 8 basketball classes. No minimum.

We recommend that kids take these classes either in an empty garage; in a room with hardwood or tile floor; or outside in a front or backyard.  You do not need a hoop for the basketball class; although your child will work on professional quality shooting mechanics.  Each child will need a basketball to participate.  Class fee is $18 per class and includes unlimited downloads.

8 Virtual Basketball Classes

Basketball Lesson #1

  • Meet Coach Credere & his nephew, Jansen
  • Warm-up + Stretch
  • What you will need for VC — Basketball, energy, 6 cones/markers
  • Ball Handling/Control 
    • Getting comfortable with the basketball
    • Dribbling mechanics + best practices
    • Stay low + bend your knees and keep your head up
    • Right hand + left hand, switching hands
    • Beginner dribbling drills + exercises
  • Chest Passing
    • Beginner form + practice
  • Overhead Passing + when to use it
    • Beginner form + practice
  • Hand-Eye Coordination
    • Beginner Dribbling + Passing drills with right and left hand
    • Red-Light, Green-Light dribbling game
  • Proper Lay-Up Form
    • Beginner practice without ball, controlling balance, and jumping off proper foot
  • Defensive Movement
    • Basic defensive position + movement
  • Proper Shooting Form, Hand Placement, + Follow Through
  • How to practice on a wall


Basketball Lesson #2

  • Warm-Up + Stretch
  • Importance of practice and repetition — Going to repeat essential skills and build on them throughout each class
  • Ball Handling
    • Dribbling drills + practicing proper form
    • Body movement while dribbling
    • Dribbling patterns to practice control
      • Cross-over
    • Passing behind the back practice
  • Bounce Passing
    • Practicing fluid motion of dribbling into bounce pass (to partner or wall)
  • Chest Passing
    • Practicing proper form and stepping into the pass
  • Shot follow through and practice proper form
  • Quick shots
  • Proper Lay-Up Form
    • Jumping off the correct foot
    • Dribbling into the lay-up
  • Review names of drills and exercises
  • Importance of practice


Basketball Lesson #3

  • Warm-Up + Stretch
  • Continuing to practice basic skills + piece them together
  • Ball Handling
    • Dribbling practice
    • Strengthening right + left hand, working on weak hand
    • Staying low
    • Cross-over dribbling
    • Dribbling patterns
    • Behind the back
  • Importance of practice — don’t get frustrated if you can’t do something the first time
  • Shot form and follow through
    • Dribbling patterns into a shot — practice with and without the ball
    • Step back jump shot
    • Step back, fake cross shot
  • Cross-over “No-look” Pass
    • Helps when being defended if you don’t look at where you’re throwing to
  • Defensive slides — practicing proper movement and stance
    • Footwork 
    • Hands Up
    • Stay down low
  • Keep practicing the fundamentals



Basketball Lesson #4

  • Warm-Up + Stretch
  • Basic review of first 3 positions on the court and how fundamental skills relate to each role
    1. Point Guard - Controls the ball the most, not the highest scorer but makes the most assists
      • EX: Steph Curry, Magic Johnson
    1. Shooting Guard — shoot the ball and score the points, who the point guard typically looks for, one of the strongest defenders
      • EX: Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan
    1. Small Forward — can do it all on both offense and defense, passing + shooting experts, think/move on their feet
      • EX: Lebron James, Kevin Durant
  • Ball Handling
    1. Dribbling Practice 
      • Crossover, between the legs, right and left hand
    2. Behind the back pass + bounce pass
  • Shooting practice
    1. Proper form + follow through
    2. Catching a pass and shooting
    3. Shot strength — practice laying down
      • Visualization of your shot + follow-through
  • Foul Review + Explanation
    1. Personal Fouls
    2. Charging Fouls
  • Defensive slides
  • Importance of practicing correct form



Basketball Lesson #5

  • Warm-Up + Stretch
  • Review previous weeks concepts + skills
    • Don’t rush your practice, take your time and do it right
  • Basic review of final 2 positions on the court and how fundamental skills relate to each role
    1. Power Forward — great at rebounding, defending the basket, and getting other players free to shoot
      • EX: Kevin Garnett
    1. Center — usually the tallest/strongest player, known for “monster dunks”, play under the basket to block shots and play defense
      • EX: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Shaq
  • Rebounding Practice
    1. Practice against the wall 
    2. Emphasis on hand-eye coordination
  • What is a travel?
    1. Planting your foot and pivoting on the court
    2. Pivot to a pass
    3. Pivot to a shot
  • Ball Control
    1. Dribbling on one foot
    2. Crossover dribble to a pass
    3. Crossover dribble to a pass, then rebound
    4. Dribbling between your legs
  • Proper shooting form practice
  • Defensive drills
    1. Footwork practice + reaction time
    2. Defensive slides



Basketball Lesson #6

  • Warm-Up + Stretch
  • Dribbling Drills — one of the most important skills in basketball + the importance of repetition
    • Right hand + left hand
    • Crossover
    • Between the legs practice
    • Dribbling on one leg — staying balanced + in control
  • Hand speed + hand-eye coordination drills
  • Ball Control 
    • How to avoid a defender
    • Dribble, pass, jump-shot
    • “Around the world”
  • Footwork Practice
    • Pivot drills/spins
  • Proper shot form/follow-through


Basketball Lesson #7

  • Warm-Up + Stretch
  • Dribbling Isolation Drills
    • How to avoid a defender
    • Right hand + left hand
    • Cone dribbling drills
    • Crossover Dribble
  • Footwork Practice
  • Ball control + hand-eye coordination
    • Looking around the court while dribbling
    • Behind the back pass
  • Shooting Practice
    • Proper form + follow-through
    • Visualizing your shot
    • Pushing through when you’re tired
  • Importance of dribbling practice


Basketball Lesson #8

  • Warm-Up + Stretch
  • Dribbling Drills
    • Right hand + left hand
    • Crossover Dribble
    • Between the leg dribble
    • Dribbling into a jump stop — then pass or shoot
  • Improving hand speed
  • Ball Control + hand-eye coordination
    • Behind the back pass
      • Around your waist
      • Around your knees
  • Proper Lay-Up Form
    • Dribbling into the lay-up
    • Jumping off the correct foot
  • Proper Jump-Shot Form — Always follow through
  • Isolated Shooting Drills
    • Practicing proper form on your knee
    • Visualize yourself making the shot
    • Practice shooting follow through laying down
      • Practice both hands to strengthen both (regardless of which is your dominant hand)