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Virtual Live Online Tennis Classes

All Classes are Scheduled in PACIFIC STANDARD TIME


Click here to sign-up & pay to attend & try out 1 Virtual Class in a session that is going on now.

Email Questions or To Request a Coach to Laura or Rachel:

Virtual Tennis Class Options. Scroll down to see all class times.

Tennis Class Options Age Group Class Length Max # Fee Per Class
Little Tennis 4-6 30 minutes 12 $7.75 per class
Little Tennis (small group) 4-6 30 minutes 5 $15.50 per class
Beginner Tennis 7-14 45 minutes 14 $10.25 per class
Beginner Tennis- (small group) 7-14 45 minutes 7 $20.50 per class
Cardio Tennis 9-16 60 minutes 12 $14.75 per class

Class fees vary per class time and size.  You can sign up for more than 1 class to create the ideal schedule for your family.

Little Tennis  |  30 Minute Class Options for Ages 4-6

Class meets Once per Week. Fee is based on # of classes. 

Little Tennis Class Options for Ages 4-6 Days Offered Class Meets (PST) Session Dates Session Fee
Little Tennis - Small Group - Max 5 students Thursday 1:00pm - 1:30pm PST 8 Dates: Oct 15 - Dec 10 (off 11/26) $124.00
Little Tennis Thursday 1:00pm - 1:30pm PST 8 Dates: Oct 15 - Dec 10 (off 11/26) $62.00

Beginner Tennis  |  45 Minute Class Options for Ages 7-14

Class meets Once per WeekFee is based on total # of classes.

Beginner Tennis Class Options for Ages 7-14 Days Offered Class Meets (PST) Session Dates Session Fee
Beginner Tennis - Small Group Tuesday 3:00pm - 3:45pm PST 6 Dates: Sept 1 - Oct 6 $123.00
Beginner Tennis Tuesday 3:00pm - 3:45pm PST 6 Dates: Sept 1 - Oct 6 $61.50
Beginner Tennis - Small Group Tuesday 3:00pm - 3:45pm PST 8 Dates: Oct 13 - Dec 8 (off 11/24) $164.00
Beginner Tennis Tuesday 3:00pm - 3:45pm PST 8 Dates: Oct 13 - Dec 8 (off 11/24) $82.00
Beginner Tennis - Small Group Wednesday 1:40pm - 2:25pm PST 10 Dates: Sept 23 - Dec 2 (off 11/25) $205.00

Cardio Tennis  |  60 Minute Class Options for Ages 9-16

Beginners are not eligible for this class. Class meets Once per Week. Fee based on # of classes. 

Cardio Tennis Class Options for Ages 7-14 Days Offered Class Meets (PST) Session Dates Session Fee
Cardio Tennis Thursday 4:00pm - 5:00pm PST 8 Dates: Oct 15 - Dec 10 (off 11/26) $118.00

You will need to have the following equipment at home to participate and learn remotely:

  •  Please wear athletic attire & shoes. 
  • A small towel or wash cloth 
  • 6 cones or items to be used as markers (i.e. food cans or small stuffed animals) 
  • Water to drink during the class
  • Tennis Racket + 6 tennis balls. We recommend Wilson Tennis equipment. Please use the following guide for your child by age: 

• Ages 5—6: 21” jr racket + red or orange and yellow starter tennis balls 

• Ages 7-8: 23 jr racket + orange and yellow starter tennis balls 

• Ages 9-10: 25” jr racket + orange and yellow tennis balls or green dot tennis balls 

• Ages 11 and older: full size tennis racket + yellow tennis balls 

Space Recommended:  We recommend that your child participates in a minimum a 10' x 10' space with strong WiFi connection. Either in an open room, living room, empty garage, or front/backyard. 

Makeups:  If you need to miss a virtual class, you can email us to let us know in advance and we will make every effort to schedule you a makeup at another time. 

Privacy:  We do not record any of our classes in the interest of protecting your child's privacy.

Tennis Class Information.

Little Tennis (30 Minutes): For kids, ages 4-6. Coaches will help participants develop the skills they need to play tennis. We will focus on improving hand-eye coordination, balance, agility, strength and overall fitness.  Kids will learn tennis basics, game scoring and play fun group games such as races to improve their athleticism.  This class is for beginners.

Beginner Tennis (45 Minutes): For kids, ages 7-14. Coaches will teach professional quality fundamentals to participants and help them to become better athletes. This class will focus on practicing groundstrokes, volleys, ball toss and service motions to develop proper muscle memory. Kids will partake in class activities to improve hand-eye coordination, balance, agility, strength and overall fitness.  This class is ideal for beginner through novice players.

Cardio Tennis  (60 Minutes): For kids, ages 8-16. This class is  open to novice, intermediate & advanced players who want to  improve their technique, footwork and fitness, while learning the mental game of tennis.  Since players will not be worrying about winning or where the ball is going, they have the opportunity to strictly focus on technique, footwork and developing professional quality muscle memory. Coaches will build hand-eye coordination, leg strength, agility and overall physical fitness. There will also be a huge emphasis on teaching visualization so players can learn how to strategize through point patterns and learn the mental part of the game. Most professional players grew up practicing  these same skills, and our goal is to insure that your kids return to the court seeing a huge improvement in their game. Participants will improve on their form, how they cover the court, plan out points, strategize, and strike the ball and of course strengthen cardio.  We hope these classes will also instill the value of practicing at home even after players return the courts.

Bilingual Tennis Classes: Coaches who teach these classes are fluent in both English, as well as the additional language. They will repeat all instruction in both languages so kids can become more familiar with a 2nd language while playing tennis. 

Players may sign up for more than 1 session if they want to play more than once per week. The more you play, the better you get!  


Meet Our Tennis Coaches

Sami Czarnecki - Tennis Coach

I am originally from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. I have been playing tennis since I was about 6 years old and have always had a love for the game. My Senior year of High School I was awarded "Most Winningest Player" in South Dakota, and am currently at Rockhurst University in Kansas City on a tennis scholarship.   

Besides my love for tennis, I also have a love for teaching kids. After graduating Rockhurst this spring I will become an Elementary Education teacher. I am very excited to teach young athletes who also share a passion for tennis. My motto is that there is always room to grow and improve in your abilities on and off the tennis court. 

Angelo Cardenas - Tennis Coach

My name is Angelo Cardenas. I’m 23 years old and have been teaching tennis to kids/teens since my junior year of high school. I played Varsity tennis at Concord High School all 4 years earning awards such as MVP for 3 years & Athlete of the Month for 4 months at my school. I then continued to play at the community college level at Diablo Valley College(DVC) where in my first year I was the #6 player and played doubles as well.  In my Second Season I was the #1 player at the school where I made the State Tournament in Ojai, CA in doubles. From 16 years old until now, I’ve taught various amounts of tennis camps at Oakhurst Country Club, Paragon tennis in Orinda, through the Kassirer Sports and Youth League tennis programs, as well as private lessons to kids ranging from 6-17 years old.

Adrielle Morante - Basketball & Tennis Coach [Bilingual English/Tagalog]

I have worked with Kassirer Sports & Youth League tennis for 8 years.  I grew up playing youth & high school athletics in San Francisco, Bay Area, California & I was awarded “Most Inspirational Player” by my coach Raymond Wong, as an athlete for leadership. My mission is to serve the community and youth to challenge themselves to become the best version of themselves by focusing on mastering fundamental movement skills. 

I attended Skyline College to obtain an associate’s degree in allied health science. While going to school, I developed a passion for working in the health & fitness industry. I worked at Sports Club/ LA San Francisco, and transitioned over Equinox Sports Club as a Sports Manager. I want to pass on to my students that you can grow through the adversity you face playing sports,  “It strengthens competitiveness, personal and professional values, self-assessment, teamwork, leadership, empathy, and emotional control. Through sports, I believe that it can help navigate relationships with others, and with ourselves as well as how to understand how our emotions can change the way you live and love.”   In my spare time, Adrielle loves to spend his time being active through basketball, cycling,  weightlifting, and adventures with his super dog, Biggins. I hope my students are able to grasp the concept of how to associate E.I. and reflective practice with applied sports or fitness performance.  My primary goal is to develop a positive inviting environment for students to grow.

Adrielle is teaching all level tennis and basketball classes and bilingual classes in English/Tagalog

Bill Marentette - Tennis Coach

 My name is Bill Marentette. Grew up in South Bend,Indiana, graduated from Ball State university and have lived in Southern California since 1982. I have played tennis and basketball since I was on the tennis team in high school where we won The State Championship. I am now retired from the corporate world but am still very active in basketball, tennis , golf and other activities to keep me happy and healthy. I have been married for 39 years, have 3 kids, 4 grandkids who keep me young and active and in touch with the younger generation. I enjoy coaching all sports and am a hands on and lead by example type of coach.

Bill is coaching Little Tennis & Beginner Tennis