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Virtual Live Online Fitness Classes

All Classes are Scheduled in Pacific Standard Time

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Email to Request a Coach or Ask Questions to Laura or Rachel:

Class fees vary per class time and size.  You can sign up for more than 1 class to create the ideal schedule for your family. Some Fitness classes meet twice weekly as indicated below.

Virtual Fitness Class Options. Scroll down to see all class times.

Fitness Class Age Group Class Length Fee Per class Max per class
Fun Fitness with Animal Movements Ages 5-10 30 Minute Classes. $7.75 per class 14
HIIT Fitness (High Intensity Interval Training) Ages 12-16 30 Minute Classes $7.75 per class 14
Full Body Fitness Ages 10-16 45 Minute Classes $10.25 per class 14
Sports Speed & Agility Training - Youth Ages 8-12 30 Minute Classes $7.75 per class 14
Sports Speed & Agility Training - Teen Ages 12-16 45 Minute Classes $10.50 per class 14

Fun Fitness with Animal Movements for ages 5-10 | 30 Minute Classes

Fun Fitness Class Options Class Meets on Class Meets (PST) Session Dates Session Fee
Fun Fitness with Animal Movements Wednesday 1:30pm - 2:00pm PST 8 Dates: Oct 14 - Dec 9 (off 11/25) $62
Fun Fitness with Animal Movements Friday 3:30pm - 4:00pm PST 6 Dates: Sept 4 - Oct 9 $46.50
Fun Fitness with Animal Movements Friday 3:30pm - 4:00pm PST 8 Dates: Oct 16 - Dec 11 (off 11/27) $62

Full Body Fitness for ages 10-16 | 45 Minute Classes | Once or Twice per Week

Full Body Fitness Class Options Class Meets on Class Meets (PST) Session Dates Session Fee
Full Body Fitness - Once per Week Wednesday 3:30pm - 4:15pm PST 6 Dates: Sept. 2 - Oct. 7, 2020. $61.50
Full Body Fitness - Once per Week Wednesday 3:30pm - 4:15pm PST 8 Dates: Oct 14 - Dec 9 (off 11/25) $82

Sports Speed & Agility Training | Youth, ages 8-16

Sports Speed & Agility Training Class Options Class Meets on Class Meets (PST) Sessions Offered
Sports Speed & Agility Training Monday 4:00pm - 4:30pm PST 8 Dates: Oct 12 - Dec 7 (off 11/23) $62

Fitness Class Information.

All of our coaches are highly trained fitness coaches and motivators. They will focus on form while challenging your kids to become physically fit and improve their athleticism/overall health.  We have searched the country to bring you the best of the best!

You will need a towel & water for all Fitness classes. Please wear athletic attire & shoes. No other equipment needed.

Sports Speed & Agility Training: For athletes, ages 8-14.
 Participants will improve cardio and strength while working on quickness, agility, balance & fitness. Types of drills will focus on a quick explosive first step, cutting corners, moving side-to-side, moving backwards,  quick feet, changing directions, reacting, and sprinting with long strong strides. This class is amazing training for athletes playing any sport such as tennis, soccer, basketball, baseball, volleyball, field hockey, football, and/or lacrosse. These are skills that elite-level and professional athletes work on daily. 

Sports Speed & Agility Training for Youth:
 For ages 8-14 (30 Minutes).

You will need to have the following equipment at home to participate in Speed & Agility Training:

  • 1 Agility Ladder
  • 12 total cones or other items to be used as markers (i.e. food cans or small stuffed animals) 
  • Water to drink during class

Space Recommended 15' x 20' for Speed & Agility

Space Recommended:  We recommend that your child participates in a minimum a 10' x 10' space with strong WiFi connection. Either in an open room, living room, empty garage, or front/backyard. 

Makeups:  If you need to miss a virtual class, you can email us to let us know in advance and we will make every effort to schedule you a makeup at another time. 

Privacy:  We do not record any of our classes in the interest of protecting your child's privacy.

Fun Fitness with Animal Movements (30 Minutes): For kids, ages 5-10. Coaches will lead participants through various animal movements to give them a full body workout. These classes are designed to  build overall strength and fitness, as well as improve balance, coordination, focus and athletic ability. Classes will also include races and other fun games to keep kids engaged while they exercise. The coaches who teach these classes are highly trained, extremely engaging, energetic and encouraging. Your kids won't even realize they are working hard during this fun exercise class designed for elementary school age kids.

Full Body Fitness (45 Minutes): For kids, ages 10-16. Coaches teaching these classes are certified personal fitness trainers with previous experience at gyms such a Orangetheory Fitness.  This is a great general fitness class designed to get you sweating and give you a full body workout, focused on building muscle strength and improving cardio.  This is a great class for those trying to improve physical fitness or just stay active. No weights or equipment are required to participate in these classes.

HIIT Classes  (30 Minutes): High Intensity Interval Training for kids, ages 11-16.  Coaches teaching these classes are certified personal fitness trainers with previous experience at gyms such a Orangetheory Fitness. We offer sessions that meet either once or twice per week. These classes will get your heart rate up and make you sweat.  Interval training is considered the most effective physical workout for weight loss and improving cardio stamina.  Coaches will lead fast-paced, highly energetic and motivational classes.   

Bilingual Fitness Classes: Coaches who teach these classes are fluent in both English, as well as the additional language. They will repeat all instruction in both languages so kids can become more familiar with a 2nd language while exercising. 

Players may sign up for more than 1 session if they want to play more than once per week. The more you play, the better you get!  


Meet Our Fitness & Speed+Agility Coaches

DJ Jones - Speed + Agility Coach

David (D.J.) Jones II, BA, CPT, CSN

Coach, Personal Trainer and Wellness Advocate, D.J. Jones is looking forward to meeting all of his students who are participating in Kassirer Sports. His lists of unique skillsets include: Individual and Group Training, Speed and Agility Coaching, Sports Nutrition Management and Kickboxing Fitness.

Graduating from Omaha Central High School, D.J. was Named the #1 High School Football Player in the State of Nebraska in 2006, while also ranking in the Top 25 in the nation at his position. He then earned many college scholarships, before accepting the opportunity to become a Student-Athlete at the University of Nebraska, where he competed for 4 years as a Husker Offensive Lineman. Upon graduating in 2010, he went on to play football in the NFL with the Miami Dolphins, Baltimore Ravens and Philadelphia Eagles. After almost 3 seasons, despite his athletic potential, D.J. chose to retire sooner than expected due to a spine injury.

After becoming certified in Personal Training and Sports Nutrition, D.J. developed many youth sports programs, including the Kassirer Sports inaugural after school “Sports Agility” program in Orange County, California. This program tailored to educating young student-athletes on the fundamentals of speed and agility, making it relative and transferrable to all sports.  

Client Rated “5 Star Coach” via, D.J. has served over 500 clients, offering quality as well as an abundance of knowledge to the people he has encountered. Between facilitating the goals of large groups, and critiquing the individual skillsets in personal training sessions, D.J. aims to offer the appropriate education, opportunity, and exposure to assist his clients in meeting their personal goal

Hayley Pettinato - Fitness Coach

 I am a NASM certified personal trainer and certified spin instructor with over a year of experience coaching group fitness and indoor cycling classes. I am well-versed in energizing and motivating clients throughout sessions, ensuring the safety of participants in regards to heart rate and exercise technique, and modifying specific exercises to accommodate various skill levels. During the quarantine, I've conducted live virtual workouts to a wide range of clientele with differing skill sets, equipment, goals, etc. I am also the creator and host of the Philosophy of Fitness Podcast, where I explore all aspects of the mind-body connection from differing perspectives!

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One of my podcasts about the history of women in fitness:

Hayley is coaching Fun Fitness, HIIT and Full Body Fitness classes.

Emily Vazquez - Fitness Coach

 Emily is a Certified Personal Trainer through ACE (American Council on Exercise) and earned her Bachelor of Science from Florida State University. She is currently Head Coach at Orangetheory Fitness in Delray Beach, FL. She trains all types of clientele, ranging from unconditioned older clients to young clients focusing on improving their specific sport. She enjoys helping others reach their fitness goals, realize their full potential, and ultimately change mindset and habits. When she is not coaching or working out, Emily enjoys taking her two chocolate labs on long walks, trying out new healthy recipes, cheering on her Florida State Seminoles, and traveling!

Emily is coaching Full Body Fitness, HIIT and Fun Fitness classes.

Jamie Hooper - Fitness & Speed+Agility Coach

My passion for fitness started in high school competing in tennis and taking kickboxing classes, but blossomed a few years after college upon losing 35 pounds of excess weight. By personally developing and committing to a balanced nutrition and exercise plan, I achieved my goal, but learned an important life lesson: There is something special about building relationships to motivate and inspire others and yourself. This experience led me to become a certified ACE Group Fitness Instructor and Certified Spinning Instructor.  I have been instructing with Lifestart Wellness Network and Orangetheory Fitness for almost 2 years now and I strive to motivate and help others achieve their goals by sharing my story and insights.

Jamie is coaching Full Body Fitness, HIITS and Fun Fitness classes, as well as Sports Speed & Agility classes.


 Kaila is proof that you're never too young to start being active! At the age of three, her parents enrolled her in dance classes. She grew up practicing ballet, tap, jazz, and hip hop. As she got older, Kaila added traditional sports into the mix by becoming a volleyball and basketball player- often juggling all three activities at once! She continued these activities all the way through high school. Kaila attended Penn State University and graduated in 2012. Although she chose a major outside of athletics, modern and lyrical dance classes were a big part of her collegiate life.

Aside from working her day job in the corporate communications industry, Kaila has coached more than 1,200 group fitness classes, specializing in strength and endurance training, over the past two years for some well-recognized fitness companies. She's completed five half marathons (and counting!), countless 5k and 10ks, and is on a sponsored running team for the 2020/2021 racing season.

Kaila is a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer and Performance Enhancement Specialist. She's also an Athletics and Fitness Association of America Certified Group Fitness Instructor. 

Kaila is coaching Sports Speed & Agility training,  HITT classes and Hip Hop Dance Classes.

Mikaelle (Mika) Braga - Fitness Coach

I have been involved in the Fitness & Health industry for over 4 years guiding thousands of people towards a healthier lifestyle. I love teaching and sharing my knowledge. One-on-one training, group classes and boot camps are part of my professional background. I am currently an Orangetheory Fitness Coach and ACE certified Personal Trainer.

Raffney Nanquil - Basketball & Fitness Coach

I have been a sports enthusiast my entire life, was a two-sport athlete in high school and have continued that passion with 10+ years in coaching and training. I have worked in all spectrum of youth sports and have trained highly competitive athletes ranging from all ages. I combine my passion for sports with health, wellness and fitness. I help develop my athletes with focus on improving skills, form, and performance. I am currently the sports league coordinator and exercise specialist at Yahoo and have worked in other big name corporate companies as a trainer and sports commissioner, I also have referee and officiating experience in multiple sports.

Rylee Toltzman - Fitness Coach

Rylee’s love of sports started at a young age, beginning gymnastics and soccer at four years old and sprint triathlons at nine. After continuing to be involved in sports throughout high school, Rylee pursued a degree in Nutrition with a minor in Exercise and Wellness. She continued on to complete a Masters of Nutrition and certifications for Personal Training and Group Fitness. Rylee loves working with children of all ages and is excited to have some with HIIT, Full Body and Animal Movement classes!