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Virtual Live Online Soccer Classes

All Classes are Scheduled in PACIFIC STANDARD TIME

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All soccer coaches have played and/or taught at the elite level

Virtual Soccer Class Options. Scroll down to see all class times.

Soccer Class Options Age Group Class Length Max # Fee Per Class
Little Soccer 4-6 30 minutes 12 $7.75 per class
Soccer Ball Mastery & Footwork 7-12 45 minutes 14 $10.25 per class
Cardio Soccer 9-16 60 minutes 14 $14.25 per class

Little Soccer  |  30 Minute Class Options for Ages 4-6

Class meets Once per Week. Fee is based on # of classes.

Little Soccer Class Options for Ages 4-6 Days Offered Class Meets (PST) Sessions Offered Session Fee
Little Soccer Monday 3:45pm - 4:15pm PST 8 Dates: Oct 12 - Dec 7 (off 11/23) $62.00
Little Soccer Friday 1:30pm - 2:00pm PST 8 Dates: Oct 16 - Dec 11 (off 11/27) $62.00

Soccer Ball Mastery & Footwork  |  45 Minute Class for ages 7-14

Class meets Once per Week.  Fee is based on # of classes. 

Soccer Ball Mastery & Footwork Class Options for Ages 7-14 Days Offered Class Meets (PST) Sessions Offered Session Fee
Soccer Ball Mastery & Footwork Monday 3:45pm - 4:30pm PST 6 Dates: Aug 31 - Oct 5 $61.50
Soccer Ball Mastery & Footwork Monday 3:45pm - 4:30pm PST 8 Dates: Oct 12 - Dec 7 (off 11/23) $82.00

Cardio Soccer  |  60 Minute Class  for ages 9-16

This class is not for beginners. Class meets Once per Week. Session Fee is based on # of classes. 

Cardio Soccer Class Options for Ages 9-14 Days Offered Class Meets (PST) Session Dates Session Fee
Cardio Soccer Wednesday 4:15pm - 5:15pm PST 8 Dates: Oct 14 - Dec 9 (off 11/25) $142.50

Players may sign up for more than 1 session if they want to play more than once per week. 
The more you play, the better you get!  

You will need to have the following equipment at home to participate and learn remotely:

  • Please wear athletic attire & shoes. 
  • A small towel or wash cloth 
  • 6 cones or items to be used as markers (i.e. food cans or small stuffed animals) 
  • Water to drink during the class

You will also need 1 Soccer Ball. Intermediate and advanced players can go up a size.  We recommend the following size soccer ball for your child by age: 

• Ages 5-7: Size 3   (23"-24")

• Ages 8-11: Size 4   (25"-26")

• Ages 12-16: Size 5   (27"-28" Adult size)

Space Recommended:  We recommend that your child participates in a minimum a 10' x 10' space with strong WiFi connection. Either in an open room, living room, empty garage, or front/backyard. 

Makeups:  If you need to miss a virtual class, you can email us to let us know in advance and we will make every effort to schedule you a makeup at another time. 

Privacy:  We do not record any of our classes in the interest of protecting your child's privacy.

Soccer Class Information.

Little Soccer (30 Minutes): For kids, ages 4-6. Coaches will help young soccer players develop the skills needed to play the sport. This class will help focus on ball handling skills, improving balance, agility, strength and fitness.

Soccer Ball Mastery & Footwork [Beginner - Novice] (45 Minutes): For kids, ages 7-14. This class is recommended for beginner through intermediate/advanced players.   Kids will learn and practice professional quality soccer fundamentals, ball handling skills and footwork.  Coaches will challenge students to learn new dribbling skills each class and motivate them to continue practicing during the week.  Since kids will not be worrying about winning or where the ball is going,  this class is a great opportunity to focus strictly on technique, footwork and becoming balanced players. Coaches will work on improving player's weaker side, building foot-eye coordination, strength and overall physical fitness. We will introduce offensive/defensive strategies and high-level game movement. This is a very active, fun class that we hope will inspire your child to play soccer throughout their lives.

Cardio Soccer Classes (60 Minutes):  For kids, ages 9-16. [This class is not recommended for beginners]. Coaches who teach these classes have played and coached at the highest level and love sharing their passion/expertise with committed, young soccer players. Our goal is to ensure that when each child returns to the field, they will play with proper form, notice a huge improvement with the way they cover the field, defend, attack,  shoot the ball, react and strategize.  Every skill we work on is designed to improve ball control and build cardio.  We hope we will instill the value of individual practice on an ongoing basis, in addition to playing with a team. The more you practice the better you get!

Meet Our Soccer Coaches

Mislav Leko - Soccer Coach [Multilingual English/Croatian+Serbian]

I’m am a former pro soccer player with more than 150 professional matches on a very high level in Europe for over 13 years. Through my professional career, I played in Croatia, Romania and Norway with or against some of the best players in the world (Luka Modric and many more). Holding a BSC in Sports Management and recently moved to New York! I have been coaching at local elementary schools through NYC football club and love sharing my passion knowledge with youth.

Noah Keats - Soccer Coach

I Played and coached soccer at a professional level in England and America. As well as playing NCAA division 1 soccer and representing my national team (England) at university level. I am a highly experienced coach and player. I coached with Southampton FC who are in the English premier league and Lonestar soccer club in Texas. I taught soccer at local elementary schools all over West England before moving to the US and really enjoy sharing my expertise with youth and inspiring all young soccer players to work hard to reach their potential.  I am also an experienced fitness coach and personal trainer.


  • PDL team of the year 2016
  • WAC conference team of the year 2016
  • Represented England at university level 
  • Name appeared on 2017 FA Cup Final Ball 

 Coaching Qualifications:

  • English FA level 2 in coaching soccer 
  • USSF D license in coaching soccer
  • NASM certified personal trainer

Pedro Goncalves - Soccer Coach [Bilingual English/Portuguese]

My name is Pedro Goncalves and I am from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I have been living in the U.S for the past five years and am currently in St Petersburg, Florida. I speak Portuguese as my native language, English fluently after receiving two College degrees and Spanish Advanced. 

I consider myself very energetic and passionate about life. I believe in hard work, to have joy for sports and passion for what you do. I love challenges and new experiences. I got fascinated by youth development recently after being able to work at Ronaldo Soccer  Academy in Tampa right after graduating from a NCAA college playing soccer at the highest level. 

I am very fortunate for all the experiences that I have had in soccer throughout these five years, and in the process of becoming a professional soccer player I would love to give it back to the community by being able to make part of the development of youth soccer players.  This is the main reason why I chose to apply at Kassirer Sports and why I am so excited to make a difference and help other athletes achieve their goals such as I did by getting a Associate’s and Bachelor’s degree while following a professional career in soccer and pursuing my Master’s degree!

Judith Salazar - Soccer Coach [Bilingual English/Spanish]

 Coach Salazar is entering her second year as the girls’ varsity assistant coach for Lebanon Trail High School.  Lebanon Trail High School girls' soccer is ranked #3 in the state of Texas for 5A schools. Coach Salazar has taught at Travis B. Bryan High School in Bryan ISD for a year prior to being hired as the varsity boys assistant for Lebanon Trail and then switching over to the girls side. Coach Salazar played club soccer at Texas State University. In the Texas Collegiate Soccer League during her freshman year her team advanced to the regional final. She was captain for two years playing against UT, Texas Tech,  University of Houston, etc. She volunteered for the youth soccer program SMAYSO in San Marcos, 

Coach Salazar graduated from Texas State University with her bachelors in Exercise Science. She recently earned her masters from the University of North Texas and is currently working on her PhD. Coach Salazar grew up in Mount Pleasant where she played soccer from the age of 6.  She helped establish a varsity program at Mount Pleasant High School that is now a perennial playoff contender in 5A soccer. In her free time she enjoys working out, shopping, spending time with family and friends, and attending Gateway Church. Judith is fluent in Spanish.

Judith is our bilingual soccer coach English/Spanish  for Little Soccer & Soccer Ball Mastery & Footwork.

Maxime Desplan - Soccer Coach [Bilingual English/French]

 Born and raised in New York in a French household, Maxime was exposed to soccer at a young age and played throughout his life. In high school, he was the captain of the varsity team at the United Nations International School. After graduation,  he attended New York University and along his studies, started coaching at New York International Soccer Club. After that he moved on to Paris Saint Germain Academy New York and coached players from the ages of 5-17. He is now the General Manager and coach at the  French Football Academy, an elite soccer club based in NY. 

Coaching Experience

  • Head Coach, French Football Academy             
  • Community Coach, New York City Football Club (NYCFC)
  • Head Coach, Paris Saint Germain Academy NY             
  • Head Coach, New York International Soccer Club